Summary of case study Chimeric antigen receptor–modified T-cells:

Everyone has T-cells in his white blood cells. These T-cells act like policemen in our organism, checking out each cell, if they are good or bad for us. For example, if we have a flu- the policemen will grab onto the infected cells to destroy them. With cancer cells, it is a bit more complicated, they can change forms time over time again so that the normal T-cell can’t recognize them as defective/sick. In the case study in America, where Nici is already accepted and could go to, the T-cells (policemen) are changed and modified-optimized in such a way, that they can recognize the cancer cells directly, target-attack and destroy them.

Not only Nici would benefit from this case study in the U.S., but all with leukaemia and lymphoma people. This study would revolutionize existing conventional forms of treatment in Germany, but also worldwide. Affected people would no longer have to suffer the consequences of given medications (chemotherapy) and treatments (radiation), with occasionally deadly side effects.