My mission to Mars

My project feels like a mission to Mars: I might not return, it will reveal new opportunities for human kind. Sadly it is a very expensive adventure. People suffering from cancer, like me, are longing for a treatment, which kills afflicted cancer cells. A clinical study trial in the United States provides hope to me. In Seattle Researchers already treated leukaemia patients successfully with their T-Cell therapy over the last two years. And so far successfully healed 90% of the patience. This method is very promising, because it makes it possible to target directly against the individual cancer cell instead of the wide spread chemo radiation with lot of collateral damage for the body functions. This therapy requires further testing and this is when I come into play.

I will not go to Mars, but to Seattle. And I will tell you why:
I, Nicolas Kutter, can and want to contribute to this mission. In September 2011, I was diagnosed with blood cancer at the age of 13. Over the last 3 years, I had 2 bone marrow transplantations and quite some heavy chemotherapy and radiation, which all have failed to cure me. Now, physicians in Germany and the U.S. told me, that my form of cancer and involved cells would be perfect for the new T-Cell phase I/II study trial in America. There are clearly two points for them to suggest that to me and my family, one is to safe my life, and second is to use my test results to take this trial into the next phase of research. I would be one of the first patients.

The space shuttle is ready to go, but financial support is very much needed:
Pharmaceutical companies cover most of the treatment cost, esp. for the medicine and the time consuming modification of the blood cells (T-Cells). What I have to pay in advance are the costs for a potentially longer stay at the paediatric hospital and related intensive care. My Family and I also have to pay for all the travel expenses. Even though, I am already enrolled in the study, I need to pay up front prior to the treatment. So please, help me and the research mission!