second transplant

In May 2014, I had partially facial paralysis. Caused again by cancer cells, which were found in the brain. Again blocks of chemotherapy followed with again the unwanted side effects such as Skin lesions, herpes infections, etc. Added to this, I received a whole-body radiation in preparation for the second transplantation.

So weak I got my father’s bone marrow. And this time a really serious side effect happened. No square inch of my skin was still intact. I was treated like a burn victim. Only by high doses of painkillers and Aesthetics made my life liveable. Through all the drugs given, I had several times Seizures in the brain, lost consciousness and was in the ICU. After temporary Renal failure, open mouth mucous membranes, and the massively damaged skin – the healing process was slow but was a steady progress.

zweite_transplantation_hautzweite_transplantation_augenschutz zweite_transplantation_flur
By October 2014 I was restored and could finally go home.

After the autumn break, I was back to school. In my old class! And although I was ill, I managed to graduate into the 10th grade.