first transplant

Just 6 weeks after I was able to be at home, a blood test showed again that I had cancer. This rapid return of the illness was a big shock for me, my family and for the doctors. The diagnosis came 4 days before Christmas 2012. So we spent our first Christmas in hospital. After another few blocks of chemotherapy, I received my first bone marrow transplantation, in March 2013. The donor was my 3-year brother Toni.

Again side effects reappeared. The occurring graft-versus-host disease with the extent mutation in the skin is very rare and occurs only in 2% of all cases. So I had daily UV-A light therapy. At the time I could not stay in the sun and always had to wear dark sunglasses. Even at home all the windows were taped dark.


Then I had three-quarter of a year in peace. Despite my illness I made grade 8 and could pass on to grade 9. Finally back to school and back to normality.