Because I do want to – live!


I am Nici. I am 15 years old and the oldest of 4 brothers.

I have been suffering from blood cancer the last three years of my life. In the first of four treatments, which was chemotherapy, I lost through a side effect three quarters my pancreas.
But just after eight weeks, 4 days before Christmas, at the end of my first therapie I had a relapse. I spent Christmas with my entire family in the hospital to get another chemotherapy. My youngest brother, Emilio, was only 10 weeks old at that time.
But this time the chemotherapy did not work and I had to get a bone marrow transplanted with stem cells from my three-year-old brother Antonio. Just after a year, the dreaded leukaemia returned. After jet another trial of chemotherapy and total body radiation I had my second transplantation of stem cells, this time from my father. But this time I almost died from the side effects. However, this treatment did not help.

In November 2014, the leukaemia came back. Now I get antibodies to keep the cancer in check. But to be finally be healed, I need either another bone marrow transplantation – which would most likely kill me – or go to the United States to obtain a new therapy, which is not yet approved in Germany.
90% of all participants in the clinical case study in America count as being cured for 30 months.

Thanks to your donations my mom and I start on 17.02.2015 to Seattle. Thank you for your support!