Second week in Seattle

Hello everybody,

Now, it is one week ago since I wrote my last blog. I have experienced, a wonderful, interesting, exciting week.

On Monday I went for day trip to Seattle’s Downtown. I learned a lot about Seattle’s history and industry, from the first sawmill to global company Boeing in the MOHAI (Museum Of History And Industry). After that I walked over the „Pike Place Market“. In the late afternoon, I bought postcards and was looking for souvenirs.

I baked a plum cake on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon I was at a class for youth people about Robots (Robot Garage: Battle bots) in a library. In the end we had to construct a robot in teams of two or three, later we fight against the other robots. In the evening I went rowing with Robert (not in a boat on the water but in gym). After that we had barbecue at Chris’s house. Everybody had a taste of my plum cake because it was the desert. The plums came from the plum trees in Chris’s garden. A few days earlier I picked them after watching the Blue Angels‘ flight show.

On Wednesday morning Lynn and I were shopping. In the afternoon Rainer who was our interpreter in the hospital last year, visited us.

On Thursday I had the rare opportunity to fly around and over Seattle. I got to control the plane with an experienced pilot. It was awesome to see Seattle from above. I could see the Childrens‘ Hospital, too. Thank you Lynn and Jim (pilot) for the great experience. After that Robert and I had lunch in my favorite fish restaurant (Fish Company in West Seattle).

Ken and I went fishing in Lincoln Park on Friday. After three luckless hours we went to the Fish Company. In the early evening I swam in the pool and Robert took photos from me.

Yesterday morning we took a walk to the beach in Federal Way. In the afternoon friends came over. Together we arranged a slack line over the pool, and then we played funny games. For dinner we made homemade pasta and pesto made from the kale I picked out of Lynn’s garden.

Best Regards




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