Plea-Petition by Roberto the Father of Nici

Nicolas Vater

Hey, I am the father of Nici.
Since I had the chance to give my son my bone marrow last July 2014, we have grown even closer. Unfortunately, it still has not helped.
But, there is new approach and a new therapy in the USA with modified T-cells, in which we have great hopes and see huge opportunities for a definitive cure for my son. But not only for him, but also for so many others, who suffer from cancer. I admire my son for his strength and will.
Nici has a firm belief that he can defeat his cancer. We as a family want to support him as much as possible. However, the therapy in the USA is very expensive and we can’t afford it. So this is why we need your help and your donations.

Nici and I made a bet, that if he will beat the cancer he would try to run an ironman and that we would climb our local mountain “the Brecherspitz” once again or even just go on a skiing tour again together as a family.

He has still so much to expect in his life- he wanted to study, travel the world and especially improve life as a researcher.

Please help me to help him – that is my greatest wish.


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