Plea-Petition by Leonardo for Nici

Leo massiert seinen Bruder

I’m Leonardo, a younger brother of Nici.
Currently I am in the 6th grade in high school. I am also a keen skier and tennis player. When I grow up I want to work as a pharmacist.
But what moves me the most in the moment is, that Nici has been diagnosed with leukaemia the fourth time. After the first chemotherapy my little brother has donated bone marrow. The next time my father donated. But nothing helped.
I’m always afraid when I get up in the morning, that my brother is no longer alive. But I know he’s a great fighter if he has a chance. The best chance for him to beat his cancer is in the United States. However, the treatment costs a lot of money, which we don’t have.

Therefore, I ask all people to donate money to my brother. Every dollar helps to save Nici.


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